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Scientific Program

April 29th: CKM Unitarity Triangle and CP Violation

.30-9.00 am: Breakfast
        "Welcome", Monica Tecchio (University of Michigan)

    Session 1A: Introduction to Kaon Physics               
                chair: Myron Campbell
            09.00-09.35 am:  "Kaon physics from 30,000 feet and other perspectives", Laurence Littenberg (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
            09.35-10.10 am:   Theory Opening Talk, Benjamin Grinstein (University of California San Diego)
            10.10-10.45 am:  "Lattice QCD and Kaon Physics", Jack Laiho (Syracuse University)

    10.45-11.10 am: Break

 Session 1BConstraints on Unitary Triangle

                chair: Myron Campbell
            11.10-11.35 am:  "Constraints On Unitarity Triangle: Theory", Federico Mescia (University of Barcelona)
            11.35-12.10 am:  "LHCb Constraint on the Unitarity Triangle", Cristina Lazzeroni (University of Birmingham)

    Lunch: 12:10 - 1:30 PM

    Session 1CCP Violation and CPT Tests
               chair: Peter Cooper
           01.30-02.00 pm:  "CP Violation and the Origin of Matter", Boris Kayser (FNAL)
           02.00-02.25 pm: "Recent KLOE results on kaon branching ratios", Patrizia De Simone (INFN Frascati)
           02.25-02.50 pm: "Search for CPT and Lorentz symmetry violation in neutral kaons at KLOE/KLOE-2", Antonio De Santis (University of Rome "Sapienza")
           02.50-03.10 pm: "Direct test of time-reversal symmetry and in the entangled neutral kaon system at a $\phi$-factor", Antonio Di Domenico (University of Rome "Sapienza")

      3.10-3.30 pm: Break

    Session 1DKaon Physics Beyond the Standard Model
                chair: Peter Cooper
           03.30-03.55 pm: "
New physics signatures in kaon decays", Monika Blanke (CERN)
           03.55-04.20 pm: "Rare Beauty and Charm Decays at LHCb",   Albert Puig Navarro  (Lausanne-EPFL)
           04.20-04.45 pm: "Measurement of the Ratio of Charged Kaon Leptonic Decay Rates", Giuseppe Ruggiero (CERN) 
           04.45-05.10 pm: "NA62 Prospects for Forbidden Kaon and Pion Decay Modes" Matthew Moulson (Frascati National Laboratory)
           05.10-05.35 pm: "Searches for New Physics with the TREK Detector", Steffen Strauch (University of South Carolina)

    5.45-6.45 pm: Poster Session


April 30th: Kaon Decays

.30-9.00 am: Breakfast
    "Announcements", Monica Tecchio (University of Michigan)

    Session 2A: Delta S=1 Charged Currents: Kaons vs. Taus
                chair: Robert Tschirhart
          09.00-09.25 am:    "Measurements of |Vus| from Tau Decays"
, Ian Nugent (RWTH Aachen)
          09.25-09.50 am:  "Kpi Form Factors and Determination of IVusI from Tau Decays", Emilie Passemar  (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
          09.50-10.15 am:  "High Precision Measurement of the Form Factors of the Semileptonic Decays K+- to pi0 I+- nu (KI3) at NA48/2", Mauro Raggi (Frascati National Laboratory)
          10.15-10.40 am:  "Determination of Vus: Recent Input from the Lattice", Vittorio Lubicz (University of Rome 3)

    10.40-11.00 am: Break

    Session 2B:  Rare and Radiative Decays
                chair: Robert Tschirhart
          11:00-11.25 am: 
"Prospects for the Calculation of Rare Kaon Decay Amplitudes from Lattice Simulations", Chris Sachrajda (University of Southampton)
            11.25-11.50 am: "Search for the Rare Ks -> mumu decay",  Giacomo Graziani, (INFN Firenze)
            11.50-12.15 pm: "Theory of rare and radiative kaon decays", Giancarlo D'Ambrosio (INFN Napoli)
    Lunch: 12:15 - 1:15 PM   

    Session 2C: Pi-Pi Scattering and Low Energy QCD Predictions
                chair: Marc Knecht
1.15-01.45 pm:  "Dispersive approach to Isospin Breaking in pi-pi scattering",  Sebastien Descotes-Genon (LPT Orsay)
            01.45-02.10 pm:  "Inclusion of isospin breaking effects in lattice calculations", Antonin Portelli (University of Southampton)
            02.10-02.35 pm:  "Atoms consisting of π+π-, K+π- or K-π+, as a tool to check precise "Low Energy QCD" predictions", Leonid Nemenov (CERN JINR)
            02:35-03.00 pm:  "Low Energy QCD Measurement with NA48/2 at CERN", Brigitte Bloch-Devaux (University of Turin)

        3.00-3.30 pm: Break

    Session 2DNon Leptonic Decays and Chiral Perturbation Theory Tests
                chair: Marc Knecht
           03.30-04.00 pm: "Non Leptonic Kaon Decays, ChPT tests and New Physics", ChPT tests and : Oscar Cata (Munich University)
            04.00-04.25 pm: "Convergence issues in ChPT: a lattice perspective", Stephan Durr (IAS Julich and Wuppertal University)
            04.25-04.50 pm:
"Study of the Ke4 (K+- to pi0 pi0 e+- nu) decay with NA48/2 at CERN", Brigitte Bloch-Devaux (University of Turin) 
            04.50-05.15 pm: "Nonleptonic Kaon Decays from Lattice QCD", Norman Christ (Columbia University)           
            05.15-05.40 pm: 
"Study of the Rare Decay K+- to pi+- gamma gamma at NA48/2 and NA62", Cristina Lazzeroni (University of Birmingham)

        6.00-8.00 pm: Conference Dinner

May 1st: Future Prospects and Closing
   8.30-9.00 am: Breakfast
    "Final Remarks", Monica Tecchio (University of Michigan)

  Session 3AFuture Prospects
                chair: Taku Yamanaka
          09.00-09.20 am:  "The NA62 Experiment at CERN: Status of the Construction", Ferdinand Hahn (CERN)
           09.20-09.40 am:  "Status and Prospects for K+ -> pi+ nu nubar observation at CERN", Giuseppe Ruggiero (CERN)       
           09.40-10.00 am:   "KOTO Detector Status", Takahiko Masuda (Kyoto University)
           10.00-10.20 am:   "
Status and Future Prospects for the KOTO Experiment", Manabu Togawa (Osaka University)
           10.20-10.40 am:  
"Orka, The Golden Kaon Experiment: Precision Measurement of K->pi nu nu_bar and other Ultra-rare Processes", Elizabeth Worcester (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
           10.40-11.00 am:   "Kaons at Project X", David Jaffe (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
    11.00-11.15 am: Break

    "Next Kaon Conference", Cristina Lazzeroni (University of Birmingham)

    Session 3BClosing Remarks
                 chair: Taku Yamanaka
           11.15-11.45 am: "Experimental Summary", Massimo Lenti (INFN Firenze)
           11.45-12.15 pm: "KAON 2013: A View of Kaons from the Lattice", Robert Mawhinney (Columbia University)
           12.15-12.45 pm:  "Theory Review", Gerhard Buchalla (Munich University)

To view the proceedings of the Kaon 1013 Conference, click here.