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Sunday April 28

Pick up your badge and conference backpack at the

Welcome Reception and Registration
        337WH, 3rd floor of West Hall

 Access to the building will be allowed for the time of the reception through the doors under the walkway between West Hall and the Randall Laboratory (see C5 in conference map). Light refreshments served.


Monday April 29

    08.30-09.00       Breakfast and registration

09.00-10.45        Plenary Session 1A
    10.45-11.10          break
    11.10-12.00        Plenary Session 1B

   12.00-13.30        Lunch Break

   13.30-15.10        Plenary Session 1C
    15.10-15.30          break
    15.30-17.35        Plenary Sessions 1D

   17.45-18.45       Posters Session in 337WH in front of West Hall Lecture Hall

Tuesday April 30

    08.30-09.00       Breakfast and registration

09.00-10.35        Plenary Session 2A
    10.35-11.00          break
    11.00-12.15        Plenary Session 2B

   12.15-13.15        Lunch Break

   13.15-15.00        Plenary Session 2C
    15.00-15.30          break
    15.30-17.35        Plenary Sessions 2D
    18.30-21.00        Conference Dinner at the University of Michigan Museum of Art (UMMA).
                                Enter the museum from the
Frankel Family Wing entrance, by the big brown sculpture off of State St.
                                Conference name tag is required.
                            Dinner is preceded by a guided tour to the museum galleries from 18.00 to 19.00

Wednesday May 1

   08.30-09.00       Breakfast and registration

09.00-10.00        Plenary Session 3A
    11.00-11.15          break
    11.10-12.45        Plenary Session 3B