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Conference Announcement

This is the latest on a series of conferences aiming at giving a venue to exchange new results and ideas to all people working in the field of kaon physics. The aim of KAON13 is to present new experimental results in kaon production and decays, relevant but not limited to topics like:

- C,  P and T violation
- CKM Matrix and Rare Decays
- Lepton Universality
- Lattice Gauge Theory
- Chiral Perturbation Theory
- Implications from B factories and LHC Measurements

Developments in experimental and theoretical techniques, as well as advances in accelerators and detectors R&D will also be covered.

Talks are by invitation only, after submission of title and abstract to the Organizing and International Advisory Committees. Send request for talks to Monica Tecchio (tecchio@umich.edu) by April 1st. 2013.

During the conference,  a dedicated poster session will also take place. Poster submissions are accepted until April 15th, 2013.